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Become a Vendor at Cresco, PA

We are proud to present The Great Pocono Gun Show in Cresco, PA ! If you are interested in being a Vendor at our show, please fill out the form and we will get back to you with information and sign up. We look forward to making this a special event and one that will be back again and again.


Table Fee for Gun Show | $65.00 Per Table (includes 8' table & 2 chairs)

Please Read our Vendor Rules Here

Placement at the show is first come first serve.

DO NOT ask to be put in a specific location. 

DO NOT add another vendor to your space. Each vendor MUST register separately.

If you were at our last show, we will do our best to keep you in the same spot.

*** Apply ONLY if you are a Firearms, Ammunition or 2nd amendment related Vendor***

The link below will direct you to our payment page- Your tables WILL NOT be confirmed unless payment is complete. If you have payment questions call 908-707-8400

If you have ANY questions please email or call (570)595-6379

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