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Gun Show Vendor Rules

All local, state and federal laws must be observed. All table holders must adhere to local, state and federal laws as they apply to sales, trades and other transactions.

No loose cartridges, loaded weapons or magazines are allowed at any time. All ammunition, flares or similar type devices must be sealed in a box, bag, or other container.

All firearms (including flare guns) must have tie-backs or other locking devices installed to render them inoperable. Tie-backs/locks must be replaced immediately if removed from either vendor or public guns. Firearms must be tied before delivery to the customer.

No illegal firearms or other items prohibited by law are permitted.

Table merchandise may not extend past tables into aisles. Moving tables to create extra openings or which results in decreased aisle width is not allowed.

Table holders are solely responsible for their own table security.

Vendors cannot be disruptive to other vendors or the public by use of radio, video with sound, noise makers, hollering, loud voices, flashing lights etc. Vendor must keep noise level confined to their rental space.

Vendors MUST remove all garbage from their table areas when leaving- Any vendor that leaves trash will receive a permanent ban from the gun show.

No illegal firearms or other items prohibited by law are permitted

No Confederate Flags (Track Rules)

No lewd or sexually explicit material

No setting off fireworks

No drugs or alcohol


We can take your reservation by phone, mail, or through our web site. 



Long Pond - 8 foot tables cost $85 Each

Brodheadsville - 8 foot tables cost $65 Each

Each vendor will get 2 chairs



WiFi password will be made available upon check in.


Outdoor Space

20x20 foot space is $85



Payment is due at time of sign up



Load-in times are Thursday 12pm-6pm & Friday 8am-12pm for Long Pond & Friday 12pm-6pm for Brodheadsville

All tables are to be covered and tied down after show times due to windy conditions. Bed sheets are not recommended to cover firearms since the absorb water. 

Track closes on Sunday at 7:00pm



Vendors will move their vehicles to the far end the venue or up against the fence by the start of the show. NO vehicles will be parked directly up against the garage area. This is part of our patron walk way and no one wants to walk around your big ass van,



The show times are Friday at 12 – 6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-3pm for Long Pond & Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-3pm for Brodheadsville.

Vendors are expected to stay for the duration of the show. Early pack up will result in losing your spot for future shows.

Overnight Stays

Vendors are not permitted to sleep inside the gated area. Please reserve an RV spot just outside the gate with the rest of us.

RV Space at the show - $60.00 a night for Full Hook up- Book through Pocono Raceway

A list of recommended hotels can be found HERE via Pocono Raceway

Vendor Cocktail Party (Long Pond Only)

Stay and network with other vendors and mingle with our staff. All Vendors are invited to our cocktail party on Saturday at 5:30-7:00pm.

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